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3D animation & visualisation

3D animation and still images can greatly help people understanding complicated structures or processes. It is also unrivalled in visualising what things will look like before they are actually built. This is recognised as having great potential by architects, wood-workers and many others. And, not unimportantly, it is also more affordable than model-making or presentation prototypes.

2D animation

2D animation is usually less realistic and more suited to tell a story with. The cartoon style is well-loved and widely known, but I have a particular soft spot for hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation that harkens back to the ‘drawn directly on film’ technique from pioneers like Norman McLaren or Len Lye.


Next to CGI techniques I also draw and paint in the traditional sense, using oil, acryl or pastel but also on the iPad. The cartoon- or line-drawing illustrative style is well-suited for clear-cut illustrations, for instance for using in books or apps. I also love to work in a more elaborate and imaginative painting style, in particular to explore the world of fantasy and fairy-tales.


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3D animated CD box

3D animation

Woodworking visualisations

3D visualisation


3D animation

iPad app drawings

cartoon-style drawings

2D animations


Faërian illustrations

drawings and paintings

animated illustration

drawings and illustrations

satirical cartoons

drawings and illustrations

on two wheels

drawings and illustrations


drawings and illustrations


drawings and illustrations

Who & How

Who I am, how I work

  • artistic vs technical

    an unusual combination

    I’m Lúthien (Maike) Dulk: a visual artist and and computer programmer from the Netherlands. I’m a graduate of the Artez academy. I also studied physics. Indeed an unusual combination: not many artists whom I’ve met know what a proton is, or a wave function. The reverse situation is better though: quite a few scientists seem to know quite well what they like (or dislike) in art.

    However, to me those worlds don’t feel quite as far apart as they seem to be to most people. I suppose that this implies that I’m not a very ‘regular’ kind of artist. Of course that is something that no-one who considers themselves an artist would like to admit to. But whatever the case may be: I feel little affinity with the (post-)postmodern conceptualism with its cultural avant-gardist presumption. I like the older interpretation of ‘art’ as ‘striving to create things that communicates something meaningful’ - which could be understanding, satire of enchantment.

  • in practice

    finding a balance

    After graduating from art school Artez I found it hard to balance running a one-person business as fulltime artist with the other necessities of life, such as paying the rent. Eventually, I found I also had a knack (and a liking) for computer programming and landed a 32-hour job as programmer. The rest of my time is for what I show here.

  • making choices

    ... and my mind up

    Being a bit of a Jill-of-all-trades I found that it’s very easy to get mired down doing things just because I can, such as building websites. Therefore I want to dedicate the time I have available to things where my heart really lies. Hence, this portfolio: it shows what I really love and want to do.

  • What drives me

    is doing what I'm good at

    I believe that every person has a unique talent. It may be hard to find out what that talent is, and to put it to use. In my case, I can offer a rather unique combination of technical insight and imagination, plus a couple of skills to visualise whatever that combination yields.

    If you think you’ve got a job for which my particular talents could make a difference I’d be happy to hear from you. I can be contacted using the form below.

  • to show what’s yet unseen

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