On Kookabakka Music

What is Kookabakka music? Read on, and you will know! Musical terminology is failing to label many things, but surely one of the most glaring omissions is what shall henceforth be known as Kookabakka music (Dutch: Koeckebackemuziek, German: Kucke-backe-musik, French: Musique quooque-baque). What is Kookabakka music? It’s music that features the specific sound created by …

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Narrative Etymology: Eek-hoorns

How the Eekhoorn got his name. Once upon a time, there were three English cousins named Richard, Prudence and Adrian. They got it in their mind to visit the Netherlands because they loved cheese so much, and they had heard tales of the low country’s legendary cheese shops – even markets! – that they just …

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Kifffarces (2): Kiff & the Plumber

The Colossally Macabre Rock Formation Kiff was touring one day, and in a smallish mid-western town they were booked into a particularly crappy hotel. The bass player, quite to the disgruntlement of the rest, was in a very playful mood and he stomped, giggling maniacally, from room to room on his plateau boots, opening all …

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Kifffarces (1): Kiff in Houston, Texas

Kiff, the renowned Macabre Squad, were walking down the street in Houston one day. In the houses lining both sides of the southern suburban street, sitting in their rocking chairs on the front porch and traditional blunderbuss on their knees, Houstonian old-timers, on account of their being uninterested in pop music and hence not appropriately …

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