Fairy-tale artwork

Fairy-tale inspired artwork & illustrations 

These drawings and paintings of scenes and places from (or inspired by) the work of J.R.R. Tolkien were made using traditional and digital media. They are very significant to me for several reason: they were the reason that I started drawing and painting again after several years of being somewhat disenchanted with the art world. And when I did, I re-discovered why I loved to draw in the first place. And finally: it motivated me to improve that technical / classical drawing techniques that are practically universally shunned on art schools because it is believed that it impedes the artist’s free expression. I’ve never felt that that was a very compelling argument, but I’m afraid that the opposite is even true.

In that regard I have learned a great deal from studying the work of people like Ted Nasmith, who has been so kind to give me advise and critique. But I should especially mention Ruth Lacon who has provided (and still provides) inspiration and encouragement when it was most needed; insights from her (and Alex Lewis’) astounding knowledge about Tolkien and the Inklings. She’s been a great friend, and there are few things that delight me more than a long email from her.

The first slide-show below shows cover art made for Lembas, the magazine of Unquendor (the Dutch Tolkien Society). The one below that contains drawings made for a calendar published by Unquendor; and the third one shows a mixture of free work and illustrations for Lembas.

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