Animations for iOS app These were made for GetPacked, an iOS holiday packing list app by LuuX software¬†using Adobe Flash and Blender’s Freestyle 2D renderer (for the suitcate). The video on the left is a screen capture made by the app developer of how the animations were used in the screen transitions.

Suus Fietst Banner

Animated banner for ‘Suus Fietst’ fundraising

This was made before I switched from Adobe Flash to Smith Micro’s Moho Studio Pro. I was frustrated with the rigging (bone tool) in Flash: around 2012 it was in any case so bad that it was taken out completely in the next version of Flash. I found it a pity because I have been using Flash since the Macromedia days, and I have always liked it. Anyhow, I found that Moho (then called Anime Studio) had much better rigging support, though it’s not without its flaws either. I’m currently experimenting with Blender’s Freestyle Rendering which produces very acceptable 2D-results; and the upcoming 2.8 releases of Blender for its grease pencil tool are even more promising.¬†

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