Cartoon drawings

Cartoon drawings I typically make these for my own entertainment. Some are a way to deal with the bottomless astonishment that results when confronted with group behaviour, in particular by those who consider themselves hip, cool and avant-garde.  Others are cultural observations, such as the one that shows how, in the last decades, the electric …

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Passion Procedure: Close Encounters of the Medical Kind

klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie Doctor Harrington F. Tracy straightened his square shoulders and let the glance of his steel-blue eyes play like a searchlight over the group of nurses who had been gossiping like a charm of magpies, but were now huddled in bashful silence around a surgical utensil-trolley. “Come on … we …

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Mr Zeist

Mr. Zeist

It was my intention to turn Mr. Zeist into a series of short animations like this, just for fun; and as soon as the occasion presents itself, I will. The idea is simply that Mr. Zeist comes across a town sign of Zeist (a small town in the Netherlands, east of Utrecht) and then does something – in any case he should point at it and shout “Zeist!”, and optionally do something else. In this case, he works himself up into a state of great anger, trying very hard to pull the sign loose. After he comes to accept that it won’t work, he then proceeds to say “Zeist!” into the camera. 

New episodes will see him do different things, in different places, under different circumstances and with varying levels of success.

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