Wat is bewindvoering

Wat is bewindvoering

(What is financial guardianship?)

This cartoon animation was commissioned by Stichting Budgetzorg, a trust that provides (financial) guardianship for people who can’t do that themselves because of, for instance, intellectual disabilities.

It explains the concept of financial guardianship to an audience of prospective clients. Therefore, it could not be too dry or technical. Instead, I chose to explain things by telling a typical story that Stichting Budgetzorg often encounters in their work: people who get into financial trouble because they’re easy prey for the oftentimes shrewd strategies with which goods and services such as cell phones, electronics etc. are marketed. 

Stichting Budgetzorg helps these people by assisting or teaching them to manage their finances, negotiate a repayment schedule and / or quittance and, if needed, to represent their interests when dealing with authorities.

I found it especially interesting to create a story that clearly explains the content matter to the prospective audience and also approaches them in a positive way.

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